Vaccinations and medication

So today we went to the ‘Tropical Institute of Antwerp’ to get our vaccinations for our journey down South.

We were quite surprised by the number and costs of them.


We both got 4 injections against: Hepatitis A, Typhoid fever, yellow fever and Rabies. Luckily we already had our Tetanus vaccine.

For Rabies we will have to go to our doctor for 2 more injections. One after 7 days and the second after 3 weeks. This vaccine is very expensive. It costs 80 euro per injection. But a bite from an infected animal can be lethal if you don’t get to a hospital for treatment within 24 hours. With the vaccine, a bite can still be fatal. But it gives you three to four days to get care.

Why I have four injections in one arm and Jan hasn’t?

Apparently the blood pressure of many people drops when getting injected, and they have to lay down for a second.  As happened with Jan. My body could handle it pretty well. Except for a sore arm, of course.

Note that it is important to have your vaccination book with you. At border crossings they may ask you to show it.


We got some prescriptions for medication.

  • One for Malarone, against malaria.
  • When you get Zika or Dengue you just have to take paracetamol (and make sure you don’t get pregnant within two months).
  • We also got some antibiotics against sever diarrhea.

Lets hope we won’t need any of them along the way.