Southbound – The bigger picture

Hi everybody!

As most of you already know we will embark this summer on a world trip lasting for about 12 months. Well, it will not be a world trip in the true sense of the word. As for now we plan to cross the American continents from North to South, our Southbound trip!

Roughly we will follow a route as shown in the picture above. Of course this might change during our trip. But some parts are certain or are at least definite goals we aim for.

  1. A short trip through the UK
  2. On the 20th of July we fly from Glasgow, UK to Halifax, Canada (tickets booked)
  3. Cross Canada from East to West with major stopover in Winnipeg and possibly some work away projects (+/- 1.5 months)
  4. Continue our way down South through the USA and Latin America, aiming for Chile and ultimately Patagonia.