Southbound – Canada

On the 20th of July we arrive in Canada! We will travel from the East to the West.  So again, not going South yet. 🙂

This is what’s on the program:

  • We will first try to find a couchsurfer near the Bay of Fundy and discover the area.
  • Afterwards we will hitchhike to Quebec City and Toronto and hopefully we can stay there with some citizens who want to show us around.
  • Next on the program is a four day canoeing trip in Ontario. We already got sponsored for it by Nina’s mom. (Thank you sooo much :D)
  • Then we will hitchhike to Winnipeg where we will visit Nina’s auntie Marcela, uncle Miguel and cousins Jane and Rod, who will take care of us and show us around for a week!
  • Being all well fed, we will go for a hike in the National Park of Banff which was recommended to us by Marcela.
  • After we will stay on the farm of Eric and Jaime in British Colombia where we will help them for two weeks and hopefully will learn how to work with the horses.
  • Vancouver will be our last stop in Canada. We will probably stay with Arek, a friend of Jane, who shares a lot of the same interests with us, like photography and snowboarding. 🙂 We are really looking forward to explore the city with him.

And then we will finally go down South, to the USA.

General travel directions – google maps: